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How to Assess the Cloud Readiness of Your Infrastructure

Moving your IT services to the cloud can be an overwhelming task. Whilst most people now realize the benefits of the cloud, businesses (and their IT departments) must weigh up how and when they can best move their current systems. Before making any moves, businesses must consider their applications, plus the hardware and network of [...]
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How Benchmarking Can Improve Your Contact Centre Experience

Due to the growth of digital tools, the experience that customers expect when dealing with a business has changed dramatically. Instead of calling a company with every question, customers now expect to have a variety of resources available to assist them, including chatbots, mobile apps, customer forums, social media, and more. Consequently, the contact centre [...]
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3 Unexpected Benefits of a Cloud Migration

Over the last decade, undertaking a cloud migration process has grown significantly in popularity. Currently, most businesses have moved some services to the cloud, if not all. Companies have realised many of the advantages of such a transition, including the lower cost, scalability, and low maintenance of cloud and SaaS services. However, while these benefits [...]
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Unified Communications 101 | StableLogic

Unified Communications (UC) is gaining popularity as a preferred choice of communication system for businesses. In the past, business communication was often complex and time-consuming requiring the use of different applications, and the presence of all parties in the same location. UC solutions allow for the unification of communication channels integrating voice, video, messaging, and [...]
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How To Choose The Right Vendor For Your Business

From the initial sales pitch through contract negotiations, implementation and post-implementation support, each vendor provides a unique experience. Even if their product is similar to their competitors’, each vendor will have different structures, processes and styles at every touchpoint. Consequently, it will be of no surprise that in addition to understanding how a product works, [...]
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5 Hidden Stumbling Blocks Impacting Your Cloud Deployment

Whether it's a move to Cloud Telephony, a Cloud Contact Center or a complete move of office applications, most organizations have begun to move some of their services to the cloud. Whilst this might seem like the best option, many are quickly finding that it may not be so simple. Too often, businesses contact us [...]

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