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25 Years of Contact Centre Expertise

Contact Centre Consultants

StableLogic are contact centre consultants, we provide expert independent contact centre advice.  Our contact centre consultancy services help clients to develop their contact strategy, benchmark costs and optimise their processes.

Our core services comprise:

  • Contact Centre Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Contact Centre Technology Design
  • Outsourcing Advice


25 Years Experience

We have been contact centre consultants for 25 years.


Completely Impartial and Independent

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    Delivering your Future Contact Centre Strategy

    Contact Centre Strategy

    The customer contact market is in a period of rapid development to try and keep up with the evolving demands of the customer landscape. Therefore, to remain competitive and relevant, organisations must change the way they interact with the market.

    Our contact centre consultants review all aspects of the contact centre – from the technology to the customer experience and the performance of the team themselves.  We focus on the key areas that are of concern.

    We help clients to design their future strategy, model the costs and the performance levels, and build the business case.

    Our expert contact centre consultants undertake:

    • Business Requirements – Your business objectives
    • Technology Assessment – Assess current and develop a roadmap
    • Customers – What is the best way to communicate with them?
    • Channel Strategy – Voice, Web Chat, SMS, Email, Video etc
    • Management Information – Obtaining the best MI
    • Sourcing Strategy – In-House or Outsource?
    • Service Hours – Including “follow the sun” options
    • Cost – Modelling different cost options
    • Service Integration – CRM,, Oracle, MS Dynamics etc.

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    A higher quality service at a lower price

    Contact Centre Procurement and Negotiations

    The selection of a new contact centre solution is a major decision that directly impacts the effectiveness of the business for many years to come.  The objective of our contact centre consultants is not only to advise on a highly functional technology solution but also one that is reliable, cost effective and from a low risk supplier.

    As contact centre procurement consultants, we can support clients with requirements gathering, production of a specification and the full selection process.

    As contact centre consultants, StableLogic develop specifications and manage contact centre procurements on behalf of clients on a continuous basis.  We understand the different products, suppliers and configuration options and can advise clients how these work in practice.

    We specialise in the procurement of both contact centre technologies and services, including fully outsourced contact centres.

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    Contact Centre Consultants – Savings Delivered

    Multinational Insurance Company - 800 Agents
    Pharmaceutical - 400 agents
    Financial Services - 1200 agents
    Housing Provider - 150 agents
    Contact Center Consults StableLogic
    Compare Your Contact Centre to the Competition

    Contact Centre Consultancy - Benchmarking

    StableLogic’s contact centre consultants provide detailed benchmarking in order to provide proactive advice to help you to deliver results.  As contact centre consultants, we can compare your operation to your peers.  A benchmark is often an excellent starting point to plan for the future. We can help you understand the following key areas:

    • Cost Base – Is it as good as the market generally?
    • Service Options – Are your competitors providing other options?
    • Accessibility – How does your service compare?
    • Service Levels – Market leading or behind?
    • Customer Experience – Are your competitors better or worse?

    StableLogic’s contact centre consultants can help reduce cost whilst increasing the performance of your contact centre provision.

    Delivering for your Customers

    Process Optimisation and Customer Experience

    Business leaders understand there is significant value in optimising processes, however in realm of the contact centre, it is often over looked. Our Contact Centre consultants help you to optimise your contact centre processes and deliver significant efficiencies to your business.  Our consultants often find the following:

    • Most contact centres have complex desktops that were cobbled together with less than ideal application integration and the associated processes
    • The contact centre is a critical element for many of the organisation’s internal processes
    • The contact centre is made up of labour intensive, repetitive, high volume processes
    • There is “low hanging fruit” that could result in several quick-wins
    • Business Process Optimisation (BPO) is a way to improve service while reducing costs, breaking the historical trade-off between better service and lower costs.

    We help organisations address these points and provide truly unique customer experiences. It’s not simple – but StableLogic’s contact centre consultants have a proven track record of unraveling processes to understand the best way to re-calibrate them to improve sales, productivity, quality and to develop a unique customer experience.

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    StableLogic Technology and Contact Centre Consultants


    We are completely independent and impartial.  Our sole source of income is from our clients.


    With major clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Imperial Tobacco, we are highly experienced.


    Our contact centre consultants have many years practical experience of deploying national and multinational contact and call centres.

    Local and Global

    We are small enough to provide a personal service but with offices in London, Sydney and Boston, we also deliver global projects.

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