Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | StableLogic Independent Consultants
  1. Are you really independent?

    StableLogic are totally impartial and we conform to a strict code of ethics.  StableLogic do not accept payments, commissions or other inducements from any technology supplier – our sole source of income is from our clients.  We are therefore able to provide truly independent telecoms consultancy services, which meet our clients needs.

  2. How do you charge for your services?

    We typically charge on a daily rate basis.  We agree the number of days consultancy work, the level of skills required, and a day rate.  Our fee is then the number of days multiplied by the day rate.

    For some cost saving projects, for example contract negotiations, we are happy to be paid on a gain share basis.  Whereby we accept a percentage of the saving achieved.

  3. Do you offer payment by results?

    Yes, for cost saving projects such as contract negotiations and audits, we are able to offer a gain share arrangement, whereby our compensation is a percentage of the saving achieved.

    This approach allows our clients to pay for our services, from the savings they receive.

  4. Is my project too small or too large?

    At StableLogic we work for a very wide range of organisations.  We provide services to smaller businesses as well as major multinationals.  We also have many public sector clients such as hospitals, councils and social housing providers.

    We don’t typically support the very smallest of organisations, and our minimum engagement is 5 days of consultancy work.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  5. Do you have a preferred supplier list?

    No, we work with many different suppliers.  We are independent of all suppliers and do not have any preferences.  We are simply seeking to bring together the best supplier for each specific client requirement.

    Suppliers that are interested in presenting their products or services to our clients, should visit our supplier page.  Click here for more information.

  6. What are the career options at StableLogic?

    StableLogic offers a dynamic, rapidly changing, innovative and very exciting working environment.  With the pace of change, clients with high expectations and a global client base, we also expect a lot from our team.

    For more details of our career options and current vacancies, please click here.

  7. I am a supplier, how do I present my services to StableLogic's clients?

    We are constantly seeking new products and services from high quality businesses who wish to deliver for our clients.

    At StableLogic, we are a consultancy company not a re-seller, distributor or channel partner.  We do not sell, take commissions or promote any suppliers products or services.

    For details of hour to present your products and services to us, please visit our suppliers page.

Still have questions?

    StableLogic are an independent technology consultancy with offices in London and Boston.


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