IT Analyst

Overview of Role

The Analyst role at StableLogic is a key part of our client delivery process. The role entails working on a day to day basis with our consultants, suppliers and clients.  A considerable part of the role comprises data analysis, solving problems, compiling reports and responding to specific requests from clients.

The role provides the benefit of learning about the communications industry from the ground up and due to the nature of StableLogic, working with many different technologies, products and organisations.

The Analyst role at StableLogic has the following key elements:

  • Data Analysis – Using a range of industry practices and tools to translate complex data into meaningful information
  • Client Communication – Working with a consultant to effectively gather data and feedback to key client contacts
  • Project Support – Supporting consultants with client liaison and project delivery
  • Problem Solving – The ability to work an issue to resolution with little support

Key Tasks

Although the role changes depending on current clients and projects, the following are typical tasks that would be required:

  • Consultant Support – Ensuring projects are delivered to a high standard and supporting consultants where required.
  • Report Production – The management and production of reports for clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Data Exploration – A significant part of the role is the collection, normalisation and validation of client data. Often across a number of services and territories.
  • Data Analysis – Using SQL and a range of other tools, analysing client data as part of a wider consultancy team.


The Analyst role is responsible for delivering a high quality of service to StableLogic’s clients.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Responding quickly and efficiently to all client requests and emails
  • Providing the consultants with professional support in meetings, calls and conferences
  • Taking accountability for project work and delivering the results in line with the expectations of the project team
  • Developing leading edge analysis methodology for maximum efficiency
  • The collection and validation of client data prior to analysis

Personal Profile

Prior experience is not required but an active interest and qualifications in IT, Maths or Science are essential. The post is suitable for those with an IT or IT related degree.

The person is likely to be keen and enthusiastic, have strong written and oral communication skills and will have an active interest in the IT and technology.

Experience of coding, HTML, SQL or PHP would be an advantage but are not critical.  A interest in data analysis with software such as PowerBI or Grafana would also be an advantage.

The successful candidate will have the ability to analyse problems and respond to a range of competing priorities.

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