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Independent PowerBI Consultants

Our team of consultants will define your PowerBI strategy, design and implement all the necessary infrastructure, and turn your data into clear and flexible PowerBI dashboards to empower decision making.

Our core services comprise:

  • Planning & Designing
  • Data Management
  • Dashboard Deployment
  • Integration Support
  • Support & Maintenance

Completely Impartial and Independent

Budget Friendly

Our aim is to be the most cost effective option.

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Turning data into business decisions

PowerBI Services

  • Planning & Design – Our teams of consultants can help you to develop your strategy, gain stakeholder investment, and prepare your infrastructure to implement Microsoft PowerBI.
  • Data Management: Guidance with modelling, preparing and investigating data – and much more.
  • Dashboard Creation & Deployment: Our PowerBI consultants will help you to create and deploy dashboards and build content packs to share with the rest of your team.
  • Integration Support: Integration with other analytics and key business systems such as finance, HR and CRM.
  • Training: Additional services including training, delivery, customisation, integration, support.
StableLogic PowerBI Consulting
Data Visualisation & PowerBI

What is PowerBI?

PowerBI is the name for an assortment of cloud-based apps and services that help organizations to collect, manage, and analyze data from a variety of sources, through a user-friendly interface.

Primarily, PowerBI pulls data together and processes it, turning it into clear insights, using visually compelling and easy-to-process charts and graphs. This allows users to generate and share clear and useful snapshots of what’s happening in their business.

With PowerBI you can experience a near-live, 360-degree view of your entire business in a single dashboard. Additionally, PowerBI seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Dynamics, SharePoint, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce and many more applications and products allowing many organisations to see it as a natural extension to their current investment.

How Will It Transform Your Business?

Benefits of PowerBI

Transforming your company’s data into visualizations via PowerBI will result in the ability to:

  • Quickly identify performance towards goals and objectives.
  • Clearly point out that something deserves attention.
  • Pinpoint what action needs to be taken.
  • Make unexpected discoveries.
  • Build informed decisions based on facts.
  • Improve your company performance.

StableLogic Technology and Data Visualisation Consultants


We are completely independent and impartial.  Our sole source of income is from our clients.


With major clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Schindler, we are highly experienced.


Our team have over 25 years of experience in consulting experience.

Local and Global

We are small enough to provide a personal service but with offices in London and Boston, we also deliver global projects.

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