Telecommunications Audits

StableLogic Telecommunications Audits

StableLogic are independent telecommunications audit and cost saving consultants.  We specialise in technology auditing, cost analysis, vendor negotiations and saving implementation.

We fully understand the cost pressures on IT departments and the challenges of both reducing and controlling telecom costs.  StableLogic have the knowledge, skills and tools to deliver effective cost reduction.

We have 25 years experience of telecommunications audits and cost saving and a proven track record.

Telecommunications Audits

Our telecommunications audit and cost saving services are designed for both national and multinational clients.  Our services include:

  • Technology and telecom audits
  • Cost benchmarking
  • Supplier cost negotiations
  • Procurements
  • Saving Implementation

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Professional Consulting

25 years of experience in technology cost reduction.

Excellent Data

We have excellent benchmarking data – we understand what a top 5% deal looks like.

Cost Audits

Experienced technology and telecom cost auditors.

Budget Friendly

We understand budget pressures and aim to be the most cost effective in our sector.


Why Use StableLogic?

Our experience, market knowledge and data, allows to effective deliver technology cost savings for your organisation.  Key benefits of using StableLogic include:

  • Proven Process – Leading to faster savings
  • Market Knowledge – Resulting in great savings
  • Benchmark Data – We know how much you can achieve
  • Implementation Skills – We know how to practically deliver the saving
Telecommunications Audit StableLogic
Identifying Cost Savings

Telecommunications Audits

Our technology and telecommunications auditing services review every aspect of IT costs.  We analyse internal costs, supplier costs and staffing costs.

Our audits compare costs against similar organisations, in order to highlight inefficiencies and options to reduce cost.

The technology cost saving audit also considers every single cost item, identifies its use, analyses its cost and considers if there is a lower cost alternative.  This process ensures that all costs are analysed and savings accurately identified.

Comparing Costs to Market Rates


StableLogic’s technology benchmarking service, directly compares your costs to current market rates and provides the valuable information you need to embark on a procurement or to start a negotiation.

Our benchmarking services cover a broad range of technology costs, from staffing levels to supplier contracts.

Our technology benchmark services ensure a comparison against:

  • Similar services
  • Similar spend
  • Similar service levels
  • Same or similar suppliers

Our technology benchmark service compares the costs to current market rates.

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Savings Achived

Medical Company - Network Contract
Global Retailer - IT Outsource Services
Global Retailer - Microsoft Services
Manufacturing Company - Managed Security Service
Ensuring Savings are Delivered

Technology Cost Saving Implementation

We fully understand that identifying savings is only part of the challenge, implementing those savings can be much harder.  Common problems include lack of internal time and resource, lack of internal commitment and business reluctance.

Our cost implementation services include:

  • Delivery project management
  • Performance based payment
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Process advice and transformation

The delivery of savings needs careful and sensitive management along with a total determination to deliver the required outcomes.  Our saving delivery managers utilise a set of software tools to ensure the analysed savings are fully implemented.

On average, we deliver the following savings from each area of spend:

Contract Negotiations / Procurement

Process Optimisation

Cancelling Services

Technology Change and Consolidation

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